Warm wishes and welcome to the website for Anne Ryan Miller Glass Studio. Within these pages, I offer you a sampling of my work ranging from residential, commercial, sacred spaces to one-of-a-kind pieces. My work features a technique that I refer to as copper overlay. I pioneered this technique in 1978 while a member/owner of a glass cooperative gallery in Bloomington, IN. I hope that you will find your experience rewarding, interesting and most of all enjoyable!

"I own three styles of Anne's work and love them all. The lamp constantly gets compliments and sheds a nice glow and is a conversation piece at parties and intimate gatherings. My husband gave me one of the metal pond scenes in lovely pinks and yellows. It is one of the first things I see in the morning and last at night and adds a bit of calming tranquility if I take the time to contemplate it. My favorite piece is the blowing oak leaves in subtle colors that hang in a long window up our stairway, framed behind by real oak trees. It is a wonderful testament to how art and nature can and do go together."




I have lived in Nashville, IN for more than 25 years. We are better known as “Brown County”. As were many, many artists over the past 100 years, I also was drawn to the amazingly soft, sensual beauty of the area.

As an artist, I have found that Brown County is just one of the most beautiful, gentle and spiritual spots in the world. The soft, misty, hazy air, the rolling hills and the sweet, loving people, many of whom I include as friends, have all contributed to two and a half decades of my landscape and glass art.



The technique I work with is so unusual, that I like to explain it to people who have not seen my work in person—this will give you a better idea of what I do. The images I’ve included on my website are representative of my work, but I have many more designs and styles than those shown.

The designs on my metal overlay and non-metal overlay pages are part of my limited production line. They are not numbered as in prints but have a very limited production life. You can order a design as shown or with any color combination of glass, and/or you can order something that is a modification of any shown design.

You can also request custom designing specifically with your needs in mind. This can be related to designs shown or can be a unique concept.

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These links represent some of my fellow artist friends, mostly here in Brown County. Some are simply artists whose work I have much respect for.


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