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Our Brown County · March/April 2021

Anne Ryan Miller — Nature in Glass

story and photos by Bob Gustin

"As an artist, I have found that Brown County is just one of the most beautiful, gentle, and spiritual spots in the world. The soft, misty, hazy air, the rolling hills and the sweet, loving people, many of whom I include as friends, have all contributed to… decades of my landscape and glass art."

Indy Monthly-03.19_maker_portrait_banner

Indianapolis Monthly · March 18, 2019

The Maker: Anne Ryan Miller Glass Studio

story by Susan Brackney · photo by Tony Valainis

Anne Ryan Miller creates stained-glass windows and lamps with a unique twist.


Stained-glass designer Anne Ryan Miller is in a metal mood. Sorting through vibrant panes of colored glass, Anne Ryan Miller sees potential cumulus clouds, lily pads, hummingbirds, and more. “I go to the factory and hand-select sheets that look like something to me,” says the Nashville-based artist. “It always resembles a storm or a sunset or a sunrise. I look for something that evokes a feeling in me.”

Journey Indiana · September 12, 2013

Art on Fire: Nashville Glass Artists · May 31, 2013

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