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metal overlay

Somewhere around 1979, I began to develop my metal overlay technique. It started out because I needed small little details to properly depict some of my nature scenes on stained glass windows and it has now evolved to become multi-layered and extensively involved work.

In using this metal overlay technique, I can hand-cut very intricate designs. Using landscape and wildlife motifs, I can create a pictorial effect. By applying the metal on the front and back of opalescent glass, I can achieve an enormous amount of depth. By allowing the natural light to diffuse around the metal from the backside, I obtain a shadowy, misty effect, allowing the front to display a tantalizingly strong silhouette. This is an original and unusual technique.

Most of the pieces you see on these pages are already sold. I can more or less replicate and/or redesign to your specifications any work you see here. All dimensions are approximate and can be modified to suit the client's needs.

Because of the ever increasing cost of fuel and metals, the prices on these pages may fluctuate with the markets.

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