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Spring 2021 Commission Work

This spring’s commission work. All of these are rough studio shots, so please excuse, but it is still interesting to see the work in progress.

stained glass irises by Anne Ryan Miller
'Irises' · The sun sets off the texture of the glass

The iris piece is a commission for a couple from Nashville, TN. They used to live here in Brown County, Indiana. The house they have here has some beautiful irises that had been an important part of their spring each year. The goal was to replicate the beauty of the iris in a more abstract approach. The background glass is from one of the sheets of glass that I have had for 30 years. When the client saw this glass, she just had to have it. So the piece is very atmospheric. I love it.

These next two images are of the second church window (see this blog post for the first one). It will be installed in an opening that is 3.5 feet to the left of the first one. Here, you can see it lying on its side against the wood supports so that I can see to clean it.

stained glass window with light shining through
'White Pines Sunset,' the second piece of the series for the Unitarian Church of Greater Lansing, on a sunny day
a colorful stained glass image of trees and water by Anne Ryan Miller

This was a late afternoon shot. I walked into the studio on a bright sunny day. The effect of all the colors spilling onto the floor was mesmerizing. The second image is rotated and flipped so I could get an idea of what it was going to look like in place. These windows are HUGE folks — 7.5 feet x 3.5 feet. I won’t be doing this size of project again (I hope). I cannot physically handle this size and am always counting on the construction crew “big guys” to help. LOL.

This last image is another commission piece based on one of my pieces that the client saw at a beautiful gallery in Manteo, NC called The Silver Bonsai. He liked the colors and design, but needed a much different dimension. So I redesigned it a bit to fit into the needed dimensions without losing the feel of the original piece. Here, I am setting glass alongside it to determine the best border color.

stained glass piece of three birds by the water. ©Anne Ryan Miller
Redesigning a previous piece to fit a new client's needs


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